No Wimps Here!

Okay Trudles... No wimps allowed.

I got home from helping the Warrior husband move to his new weekly lodgings around 10 pm and I was bushed. Okay, so yesterday I took a day of rest. My second day on the 500 run to nowhere and I rested. I needed it to prepare for all those days ahead!

Today, I got up at 6 to get my daughter off to school, prepared to stay up for the day so I could get some miles racked and determined to set the pace. This is November of NaNoWriMo and the start of the 500-Miles! There is much to accomplish!

Today's miles: 6.16
Total miles run so far: 9.32
Still needed to goal: 490.68

Now I'm going to go hobble off to my laptop and try to get some mega-words typed in on that story I'm working on. And then perhaps I'll be able to stand up long enough for a good hot shower. I sure hope we get some sunshine today. I know a few of my friends out there love these gray and rainy days that we've been getting but I seriously could NOT wake up yesterday. These Pacific Northwest kind of days just drag me into the doldrums (no offense).

Thanks for the cheers, friends! Hugs to you!

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