For Uncle K

Had this whole entry done once already but it was as dry as toast and I had to throw it away. I'm afraid that's just how it's going to be today, though... dry as toast. It's just one of those days. Where everything that rolls off your fingers is blah. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Glad deer hunting season is nearly over. The cannons were going off last night before I ran to town for the little parade we had to light up the town for Christmas. It seriously sounded like they were in our back yard. Close. They were on the corner of the lot line. I took the dog out to his dog run hoping he would start barking and piss off the hunters enough to make them leave, but he was just so afraid of them he ran in the garage and cowered by the back door until I let him back inside and I sat in his dog run whistling as loudly as I could instead, like I had a dog I was whistling for. It didn't help. They just sat down there shooting off their cannons. I finally yelled, "Sure feels great feeling like I'm living in a damn warzone!" But they couldn't hear me over the sound of their cannons. So I went back inside.

Well, I'd better go help Keli clean her rooms since she was so helpful to me last night. She got a wild hair and decided to clean the wood floors in various rooms. Really clean - not just dust. She did some other impressive stuff too. So I said I'd help her this morning. And things didn't get any less dry around here. Sorry about that. Hopefully I'll get a little damper tomorrow. May you all have a cheery day...

Here's the stats for Uncle K's run...

Today's miles: 3.12
Total so far: 45.49
Still to go for goal: 454.51

Tomorrow I'm running for my hubby Keith because of his tube ride on Monday. Give him an extra thought tomorrow or an extra prayer tomorrow night, please. This is his annual checkup to make sure his tumor site is behaving itself and that there isn't any sign of regrowth.

We are lucky enough to have a great team that we meet with who give us the results right away. Some people aren't so lucky and don't get their results for days after their MRI, so I'll already have the news by the time I come back later on Monday, but I'll also be helping him get moved in to his new week-day apartment that day. At any rate, by the time I post my Monday workout (if I can fit one in with all of that going on) I'll be able to let you know that we got the all clear. (power of positive thinking)

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