For Ray...

This morning I ran with Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan. I've really got to get some new movies in my collection. I mean, Ocean's Eleven is a great movie, and it will keep me running (especially after that gorgeous Andy Garcia... I loves me some Andy Garcia!) for a couple of days. But I could use some new flicks to keep me going and distracted.

Zen Master Warrior tells me to run unaccompanied and to just FEEL the perfection of the run. I love you honey, but I would fall flat on my butt after the first quarter mile if I just ran and had to actually pay attention to what the run felt like. Seriously. Zen Master Keri I'm not.

I think I'm going to ask for some Mr. Movies gift cards from my folks for Christmas and my birthday (hint hint mom!) so I have plenty of backup movies for this running thing.

Here's how I did on Ray's run...

Today's miles: 3.18 miles
Total so far: 24.86 miles
Still needed to goal: 475.14 miles

Thank you dedicated cheerleaders! You guys are the bestest! (((((hugging))))) (Hutch? Are you here?)

Tomorrow's run is dedicated to Trudi's friend, Stacey R. Keep on kicking that breast tumour, baby-cakes! You know you can!

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