For Keith

Today I ran for my hubby. Tomorrow is his tube ride for the year. And we'll get good results. We're lucky because we'll actually get results. Tomorrow. Within an hour or so of the MRI. A lot of people aren't so lucky. They go for their checkups and have to wait for days for their neurologists to get back to them with results. And those results often come in the form of a phone call from the nurse. We'll get to meet with the doc himself. And since he's a professor at a University and loves to teach, any questions we have will be greeted with "I'm glad you asked." He'll sit back in his chair and answer to his heart's content. Did I say he loves to teach? Have I mentioned how Keith loves the University setting? I think we'll end up back at some little College some day with Keith in the roll of Professor if we can swing it. One dream. Anyway, we have an excellent team of physicians now handling Keith's case.

I ran for the final day with Anthony Hopkins. That is one wicked movie. And you thought he was a bad dude in Silence of the Lambs? There is some nasty stuff happening in Titus. N.A.S.T.Y. Shakespeare had some twisted ideas. Or the Romans had the twisted ideas I suppose and Shakespeare was just writing them? Whatever. It was violent and nasty.

Our friends P&C came to see us yesterday. We had lots of laughs, lots of food and enjoyed their baby Riley immensely. Hope to see them again soon, maybe even before Christmas. This year. One can hope.

I've done some chuckling of my own today. I had to convert my novel, completed at 3 am, to a text file so that I could upload it to be verified at the NaNoWriMo website as being large enough to qualify as a winner in the competition. Yep. I made it. My first attempt - beginners luck. I owe it all to my Grandma Lilah and her china teacup full of green tea that kept me awake long enough to finish it. Oh, I did a bit of sleep writing around midnight. Various new characters tried to creep in at that time... some old friends including one named Janet from my home town. She might find that pretty funny. I'll tell her about it some day maybe.

Anyway, while converting that novel, I found some real humor in all of the ridiculous twists the plot takes. I haven't read it all of the way through, you see. Don't know that I ever will either. Maybe some day when I need a good laugh. Could be fun. I flipped through it very quickly and added chapter headings this morning and saw characters that I had forgotten were in it. All in just a month of writing!

And I've only been running for two weeks. Imagine the twists and turns this adventure will take! So many more than the writing of a novel did... Hang in there with me cheerleaders and we'll have a whole new story to tell in the end.

The pledges keep rolling in. I'm certain to reach my hoped-for goal at this rate. Mr. Number-cruncher hasn't had time to plug in the numbers but once he's set in his new apartment I'll get him to do that and figure out where I'm sitting thus far if I hit that 500 mark... I'm aiming for the stars!!!

For my Keith...

Today's miles: 4.02
Total so far: 49.51 (argh! Had I known I was so close!)
Still to go for goal: 450.49

I'm not giving tomorrow's run to anyone because I'm not certain I'll get to the treadmill with all that is happening. If I get there it will be gravy. I might get on just for that last .49 miles when I get home! Happy Sunday evening all.

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