For Kathy's dad...

I put in four miles today. Finished watching The Two Towers. Alas. How many weeks do I have to wait for Return of the King to hit the theaters? This one was for KathyK and her papa. Hugs to you both. May he continue to do well with his current chemo treatment! And Kathy? Keep up the good work yourself, hunny-bunny! ESC!

Glad to hear the letters are hitting your boxes. Been getting some good responses from people... (500 miles? Are you NUTS?).

I may even have to post a photo of my sweaty and nasty self running some of those miles on the site someday. I actually got the idea from one of my neighbors. You know. To show me on that treadmill and oh how lucky it is that none of you have to actually witness the horror in person because by the time I've done 500 miles in my family room, it will need to be fumigated!

Okay, so here are the stats:

Today's miles: 4.02
Total so far: 21.68
Still needed to goal: 478.32

Tomorrow I'm running for family friend Ray, who just had bypass surgery! Notice, I'm not having any trouble finding people to dedicate my miles to so far, but if any one of my three readers has someone special in their life that they want me to run for, it really helps get my butt on the treadmill to have someone special that I'm doing it for, so drop me a comment please!

And your cheerleading really helps, too! (Shameless begging begins anew!)

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