For KathyK's mom...

I was going to just pretend yesterday didn't happen. Thought maybe since the cheerleaders were kind of non-existent for a couple days, nobody would notice if I skipped a day. And then Trudi happened. :) I'm not complaining. I love Trudi. I'm glad she posted on my post about the 26th wondering where my run for Thanksgiving was? She's keeping me honest.

So here's the thing. I slept in every day this week. Every blinking day! I couldn't drag my sorry butt out of bed! I've got a really cozy bed. It isn't comfortable. The mattress, which we spent a helluva lot of money on, SUCKS ROCKS. (don't ask me what that means, or where I picked up such a stupid phrase, but it does... the mattress sucks rocks). But climbing out from between those sheets and covers? Hard to do. And not even because Keith is home to snuggle with all week. Nope. He is up and out of bed by 6:30 because the dog doesn't let him sleep in. It's just me. In the big cozy bed. All alone. So comfortable. Well, by the time I did get up, there was food to be cooked to take with us to the folks' house and showers to be taken and there just wasn't time to run before going.

And by the time we got back, I could barely move for the food I'd eaten. But it was a good day. Much fun and laughter. So no. I didn't run. But I ran today!! (after sleeping in again...)

I ran with Anthony Hopkins in Titus. It was a good run. A slow and steady run.

And now I have a whole mess of cleaning to do. We're having dear old friends over tomorrow. And their new addition to the family... Riley.

Here's the stats for my run of the day...

Today's miles: 3.52
Total so far: 42.37
Still needed to goal: 457.63

Tomorrow I will run for my Uncle K, who battled prostate cancer and beat it. Love you uncle! And that was after battling many heart problems (open heart surgery, heart attacks, etc.).

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