For Dawn...

Spent quality family time last night with the Warrior (who cooked his fabulous cheese tortellini dinner) and Keli (who wanted to watch a movie, so I rewound Grosse Pointe Blank and we watched all of that together).

So today's movie on the run was Untamed Heart with Christian Slater (yes, another one) and Marisa Tomei. This is one Keli picked out as it has two of her favorite people (the aforementioned) in it also. So far, so good with that whole 80's romantic thing going for it. And another perk is that it is set in the Twin Cities area, looks to be right around the U of M campus, so that's fun.

I'm getting some e-mails and phone calls with questions regarding the fund-raising letter I sent, so I will try and clarify a couple of things here, too. I tried to make the letter crystal clear, but that's difficult sometimes - trying to make it short enough to get people to read it and yet clear enough to avoid questions.

  • You needn't send any money at this time (and I'd kind of prefer you didn't because of the delay before the relay, but I'll take it if you really prefer it that way).

  • If you are sending money now, you can send a check made out to the American Cancer Society. Do you mind if I hold that check until next spring when we start depositing for the relay?

  • All I am hoping for at this point, is the tear off of the letter returned pledging whatever (for example, a penny a mile would be a $5 total donation when/if I make the 500 mile goal... a nickle a mile would be a $25 donation on June 1 or when/if I make the 500 mile goal, etc.)

  • If you are reading this site and did not get a letter and would like to because this sounds like a great idea, please send me a comment to that effect and we'll e-mail each other and connect somehow. I love you!

    Any other questions? I'd be happy to answer them for you. Let me know. I hate being confusing.

    Here are the stats for Dawn's run...

    Today's miles: 3.50
    Total so far: 35.74
    Still needed to goal: 464.26

    Tomorrow's run is dedicated to my friend Barb. She battled the breast cancer bugger several years ago when I worked with her in downtown St. Paul. She beat the beast and took on a new lease on life asking herself what she was missing from life that she really wanted to have there. The answer was horses and she brought that old love and joy back into her life. We should all learn from her example. Hugs to you, Barb! I hope you are well. It has been too long, old friend. We must get together again - all four of us.

    The pledges are starting to roll in! Thank you so much!!

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