For Dave...

Today's run is dedicated to a stranger named Dave, who is celebrating being cancer free. I learned about him at d's place.

I'll be back to report the miles later.

I'm on my way, Aragorn!

Today's miles: 3.09
Total miles so far: 15.66
Still needed to goal: 484.34

That was for you, Dave. And I'm still Snoopy dancing for you, too. Because I am truly excited that you are clean of cancer cells. What is better than that? Congratulations! Huge cyber hugs!

And tomorrow? Well, I've promised tomorrow's miles to Kat. They're all yours baby. I'm gonna do them when I come back from running all over tarnation looking for my Cities Sampler. Because I was unsuccessful in my attempts to win one on the radio. And I have my priorities. Music first. Then running.

And for those of you waiting to hear about the Beckster's biopsy results? You're going to have to hang in there like the rest of us and wait a little longer because things were effed up at the lab and the poor dear has to go back in next week and have things re-done. Now tell me things aren't a little screwed up in the medical world. She's been waiting a week for those results and now she has to wait again. Love you guys. Hugs. Hope you get better and faster treatment this time around.

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