For Becky!

Finally I can update! Blogger was down for a while this afternoon and I was going crazy because I hate when I want to get something done and can't. Can we say i m p a t i e n t? Um yeah. That's me. Just a little bit. Ask the Warrior. He says when you look in the dictionary for the definition of impatient you'll find a picture of me. He's probably right. I don't know. I haven't looked it up lately.

So today was the day Becky had to go into the hospital and have her tumour aspirated again (yes, I really did say again because the first time they didn't get any tumour cells... doesn't that suck?). She won't get the results until Friday, so send a little bit of lovin' and healthy vibes into the universe for the Beckster and for her mommy because they could use your good thoughts, okay?

And so today (this evening, in fact because I really had a rough time climbing on that treadmill today) I climbed on the treadmill (taking your submissions for names for the damn thing because I'm sick of calling it "the treadmill" - please send your ideas to my comment section... another shameless plea to see how many of you are reading, aren't I tricky?) in Becky's honor because she is a good daughter to my best writing buddy and traveling partner Marge, whom I lurrrrrv.(Hi Marge!)

Thanks to Billy's terrific movie idea, I stopped at Mr. Movies this afternoon while I was out running errands and picking my daughter up from school, and I picked up Grosse Pointe Blank (starring that handsome hunk, John Cusack - yum!). I began watching it on tonight's run. I've seen it before, of course, but I'd forgotten how much fun it was. I'm loving the 80's music and I really like Minnie Driver, so that's a plus, too. And Alan Arkin as the therapist is a hoot and I'd forgotten all about him. So I'm enjoying that thoroughly and it will make climbing on "the thing" tomorrow so much easier. I think that was part of the problem earlier today. I didn't have a great movie to pop in, you know?

But, I did it. Even after a really slow start to the day and not wanting to do it, I finally climbed aboard "It" and did it. I'm not patting myself on the back here. I'm just damn glad it's over to be honest. Because tomorrow I have to do it all over again. But at least I'll have John to look at! Thanks, Bill! That was a great idea.

And now Trudi has given me more great ideas. BJD, of course is in my stack of watchables and girl, she is committed to memory... Honey? You should see Keli do Bridget. You know the scene at the end where Mark reads the diary and goes storming out of her apartment and B hears the door close and comes out of her bedroom wondering what is going on in just her knickers and t-shirt? "Mark? Mark?" Peeking around corners and tip-toeing around... Keli knocks me over with her impression. I'm nearly wetting myself when she does it. Sounds like her, facial expressions, movements... only thing missing are the thighs and such. My dear daughter...

Loved Bend it Like Beckham. Going to own that one soon. Haven't seen Men With Brooms, so I'll definitely check that one out on the next rental run! Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!!!

On with the stats...

Today's miles: 3.33
Total so far: 32.24
Still needed to goal: 467.76

I'm dedicating tomorrow's run to Dawn D. She is currently going through treatment for breast cancer here in my home town. She is the mom of one of my daughter's very dear friends and every one of Dawn's sisters have also gone through treatment for breast cancer; one of them has been through it twice!

Won't it be fantastic when they finally stamp out this nasty beast? Because they will you know. They will find a cure. I am positive of that fact.

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