For Barb...

Alrighty then. After getting dressed and heading downstairs and getting sidetracked by Keli who needed a ride to The Boy's house because she had a party to attend with him tonight, I finally got started around 5 on Barb's miles. I finished watching Untamed Heart and started on Titus, but only rolled through the intro and opening credits before I'd had it for the evening and decided I'd better get the oven heated and the pizza out of the fridge...

Tonight's dinner in order to hold back the mess and the cooking for tomorrow: Papa Murphy's Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza (hold the onions). Delish!

Received a couple more pledges in today's mail. It really makes going to the mailbox exciting! Had a letter in the box from a former co-worker, which was much fun - hello! I'll write you soon, thanks for the updated e-mail and the pledge! People are so generous and wonderful...

And another very surprising and overwhelming pledge arrived today as well... all I can say is wow and bless you and thank you.

My updated stats...

Today's miles: 3.11
Total so far: 38.85
Still needed to goal: 461.15

Tomorrow's run is dedicated to KathyK's mom, who battled breast cancer and is a 10-year survivor! KathyK, your family has been through the ringer with this stuff, eh darling? I'll have had your whole family after tomorrow! Do I need to start on your hubby's side after this? I haven't heard you mention his family battling the old Cancer beast, but I'm sure with as prevalent as the bugger is, it is highly possible. Thanks for your visit yesterday. Hugs to you and yours. I hope your dad continues to fight hard with his chemo.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in case I don't get out here tomorrow to post! We're heading to the folks' house for a family dinner... Enjoy the time with your loved ones... thanks to all of you for your support.


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