The Beginning

Well, I guess in the beginning, one should really do a bit of an introduction. I'm not going to go on and on with a large, long-winded thing. I'm just going to state my intent.

Next June 18-19 is my old hometown Relay for Life. For the second year, I am the Co-Captain of a family team (and a few very important friends) which goes by the name Keith's Brain Trust. Our Honorary Captain is my husband Keith. We formed the team in his honor after his battle with a brain tumor, which took place in 2001. A few of us participated in the 2002 Relay as members of one of the already formed teams just to see what it was like. We really had fun and decided that we could do this on our own with our own team, and would have a heck of a lot of fun doing it, so we gave it a shot in 2003.

Since we did have a great time, we are going for it again in 2004. We exhausted our garage sale resources during the 2003 contribution-seeking period. As a result of that, I decided I'd better come up with some other idea for seeking funds this year and THIS IS IT!

Welcome to my 500-Mile Run to No Where! I may not be going anywhere, but I'm working on seeking a cure for Cancer in my travels, and I'm using my feet and hopefully your donations to get me there.

This is the site that I told you about in the donation-seeking letter. This is where I told you that I would keep you updated on how I was doing on my goal. I hope that along the way, you will leave me some words of wisdom, maybe just a hello or a "keep on going!" (by clicking on the word comment at the end of the things I write and filling in the blanks). I'll be thrilled to see that you've been here for a visit and to check up on me.

Anything to keep me moving!

I'm also in hot pursuit of a corporate sponsor that would be interested in doing some sort of matching funding or giving a cool discount to people who sponsor me on my Run to Nowhere. If you know of anyone that might be interested, send them my way! Let them know about me.

If you haven't sent me back the donation letter, don't delay. Every letter that comes back to me, helps get me back on that treadmill every morning (or pounding the pavement on a good day).

I already had my first person jump on the donations bandwagon - one of my Diva buddies said she would sponsor me the very first day I mentioned it! Thanks, Kath!

Today was the starting day of statistics...
So here are today's stats on the road to Nowhere...

I ran 3.16 miles.
Only 496.84 miles to go!

Hope you visit often, and speak much! Encourage freely!

Hmm. Okay, it's a little more long-winded than I thought it would be.

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